Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Our professionals are knowledgeable of all electric operators! Our company offers excellent garage door opener repair and replacement and excels in Genie repair

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs have an incredibly important job, but they can be extremely dangerous to handle. Whether you have torsion or extension units, our professional technicians can help you replace or adjust them.

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Garage Door Company And Contractor

Garage Door Company And Contractor

We are a well-organized residential company and our garage door repair services cover all overhead and roll up door needs efficiently

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Garage Door Company And Contractor

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We may be showing just a little favoritism when we say that we believe our Garage Door Repair Valley Center is the ultimate garage door company/contractor in the city.  We feel this way because we know what it takes to be a great garage door company.  It all begins with providing excellentgarage door services.  Our garage door techs are professional and friendly at all times and display focus with precision on every project they work on.  At our garage door company in Center Valley we highly recommend that you utilize our garage door service for a variety of garage door repairs.Garage Door Company And Contractor in California

Garage door springs can be extremely dangerous to install. 

Many an individual has been injured and some have even been killed from the force of a garage door spring when it is released.  TheseTorsion springs and Extension springs are wound so tight in order to reach the tension needed that any error can be deadly.  Our broken spring repair/replacement services are highly recommended for your safety.  We carry galvanized garage door springs as well. They are a lot stronger than regular springs and can last for many decades.

We offer a variety of garage door openers at our garage door service in Valley Center.  Our brands are the most trusted in the industry like Chamberlain, Sears, Genie, Craftsman, Marantec, and Liftmaster.  In addition, we offer garage door opener troubleshooting to make the process of finding problems easier.  You can get an opener in 3 drive motors.  The belt drive is used for a quiet operation, the screw drive for not too much noise, and a chain drive is going to make some noise without a doubt.  These openers are heavy and they require a professional to put them in safely and precisely.  Our techs are standing by to provide this service for you.

Garage door maintenance/adjustments are vital to the prolonged life of your garage door system. Our regularly scheduled lubrication service is designed to keep your door in tip top shape and keep you from having to pay huge garage door repair fees in the future.

If you own a garage and have an automatic garage door chances are you have or need a garage door remote.  We offer brands like Multi Code, Clicker, Genie Intellicode, and Liftmaster security plus.The Multi Code remote allows you to open 2 separate garage doors on the same remote.  The Clickeris a universal remote and can be used with numerous other brands.  The Genie and Liftmaster remote offer protection against would be criminals who might try to copy your code by using rolling technology that changes the code every time you push the button to open your garage door.  The best thing to do would be to let one of our professionals install the system for you so that you know you are getting the most out of your investment.

Perhaps you have been thinking about replacing your garage door windows; maybe because it is cracked, or maybe just because you want a change.  Our techs can do that for you.  Maybe you have been thinking about having some new garage doors installed; we can do that too. At Overhead garage door Co Valley Center our garage door replacement/installation service is booming.  It is booming because we offer a great choice of garage doors and our techs can deliver and install them quickly and effectively.  We offer all the popular materials like wood, steel, aluminum and glass.  Glass garage doors are the craze right now.  They look so good on your garage and you can look out the windows to see what is going on but no one can see in.  In addition, the windows allow the sun to come shining through.  You don’t need us to tell you how heavy these garage doors can be.  The wise thing to do is not attempt to ever install these alone.  Skip the DIY; play it safe and secure and allow our garage door contractor to do it for you.

You can’t operate a true garage door company if you don’t set garage door repairs as a priority. Garage doors are going to break down and when they do we are there for our customers. We provide them with  emergency garage door service and here are some of the repairs our techs can do for you:

    Broken emergency release

    Door off track

    Replace section of garage door

    Weather strip

    Bottom garage door rubber

Our techs at our garage door company/contractor in Valley Center can address your garage door cables & tracks issues as well.  Here are some of the things we can do:

    Cable snapped – don’t worry we can fix this in a jiffy.

    Cable loose – we can adjust that in no time.

    Cable came off the drum – we can make that repair quickly.

    Broken cable – not a problem we carry them on our truck.

    Replace garage track – our techs will take care of it fast.

    Repair bent garage door track – we carry an assortment of track on our truck to make replacements fast and easy.

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